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Items Measurement Proportion Manufacturer Notes
1 SPRINT H89 2G Matte Clear Coat Litre 1 ICRSPRINT Matt varnish
2 NCP Hardener Litre 1 NCP Hardener
3 NCP Acrylic Thinner Litre 1 NCP Solvent
4 Isopropanol Litre 0.1 - 0.2 LOCAL For cleaning operations
5 Sand disc P800 pcs 1 LOCAL For surface matting
6 Sanding machine pcs n/a LOCAL Sanding speed: position 1-2


  1. Sanding: Make the surface matte with a grinding machine and P800 sanding disc, avoid making areas glossy as it will lead to weak coating adhesion, try to make an even matte surface, do not use force as it can lead to pinholes opening.
  2. Washing: Wash with sponge and soap, wash off the soap traces, surface should be completely clean.
  3. Drying water traces: Use a rag and wipe until the surface is dry, avoid any water traces as it can lead to weak adhesion.
  4. Cleaning, preparation for painting: Use Isopropanol as the surface cleaner, this will help remove any water remaining in pinholes and dust remnants left over from the matting process.
  5. Drying Isopropanol traces: Use a rag and wipe until the surface is dry, avoid leaving any Isopropanol traces as it can lead to weak adhesion.
  6. Airbrush (nozzle 1.5mm, working pressure 3.5-4kPa): 6.1.Make a varnish mix in proportion Matte Varnish : Hardener : Acrylic Thinner = 1 : 1 : 1, mix well for 1.5-2 min. 6.2. Install panel in vertical position (most comfortable for spraying), put down two layers of matte varnish working in separate directions, dry for roughly 2-3min between coats 6.3. Airbrush distance to surface: not less than 15cm 6.4. Airbrush cleaning: with acrylic thinner.
  7. Varnish drying: 24 hours in normal conditions, or 30 min at 60 degrees.